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Your Next Bottle of Febreze Could Be Dreamt Up by AI

Procter & Gamble has signed up an AI-based fragrance designer to help come up with new scents for fabric and home-care products.

The maker of Febreze and Ambi Fur wanted to accelerate the creation of new products for malodorous control and fragrances. Rather than go straight to Givaudan, Symrise, Firmenich or one of the other leading fragrance makers, P&G bypassed the artistry of a master perfumer and turned to Israeli digital-scent house Moodify instead. Here, algorithms replace the traditional olfactory organs.

“This is a significant step in our digital transformation agenda, emphasizing the use of digital tools to improve the use of fragrance in products,” said Jerry Porter, P&G’s Chief R&D and Innovation Officer at Fabric & Home Care, Flavor & Fragrances.

Moodify said its AI software platform and underwent a “thorough and extensive examination” over a number of years before P&G gave the go ahead. It’s the latest corner of the chemical and ingredients industry to embrace AI and a far cry from the Givaudan Perfumery School, which opened in 1946 and produced a good number of the world’s top perfumers since.

“By incorporating Moodify’s cutting-edge technology into their processes, P&G is helping further modernize scent design and integration in consumer products,” Moodify CEO Eyal Maor said.

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